Roundtable Productions provides entertainment solutions for your film, television, or media project. We can develop your concepts and designs. Fabricate your prototype or final product and digitally integrate it into your production. Our creative team has worked on Motion Pictures, Television, Themed Attractions, Theatre, Displays, Tradeshows, Toy Product Designs, and more.

3D Printed Romulan Disruptor Pistol

Roundtable helped out a friend with a personal project and found another application for our 3D printer to deliver a quality prop in a short time frame.  The client wanted to create a screen quality costume of a character from one of his favorite TV shows to go to MegaCon (Sci Fi convention), including a prop replica weapon of a Romulan disruptor pistol.  We began by doing research into what the original prop looked like on Star Trek: The Next Generation.  From this we created a 3D model and printed it on our in house Zcorp 310 3D printer.  This was cleaned up and infused with our low cost infiltrant to allow us to sand the surface to a smooth finish.  Since we only needed one prop to be used for occasional use, we felt that the parameters of the project suited the materials capabilities.  When the desired smoothness was achieve, we primed, painted, and sealed the prop to match the TV show.  The entire project, from conception to completion took only a few days thanks to the in house capability.  We even created a scale replica just for the fun of it.  The costume was a success and the replica weapon provided the additional accent that completed the look.  The client's needs were met and Roundtable proved again that through the combination of creative thinking, technology, skill, anything can be accomplished.

Nathan Weatherford