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DAVE School Character Maquette project

Roundtable and the DAVE School (Digital Animation and Visual Effects) collaborated on a project to test the capabilities of our 3D Printer and to create a unique graduation gift for their students.  We took the 3D model of the featured monster from the short film their students were working on and coordinated the best way to separate the pieces in the computer and add tabs to the connection points.  We printed the model on our Zcorp 310 printer and infused them with our economical infiltrant before sanding to achieve the desired texture.  We created molds of the seven parts and cast them out of urethane resin.  The goal was to create a character maquette similar to the ones the instructor would receive when he worked for Disney Animation Studios, so we gave the final statue a uniform satin grey color.  We created over 30 statues in all and they were presented to the class after graduation.  This created not only a personal memento of their time at the DAVE school, but the statues serve as a stand out advertisement to the future colleagues and employers of these students as they place them on their desks at the various visual effects, gaming, and production companies where they will find their new jobs.

The DAVE School