Roundtable Productions provides entertainment solutions for your film, television, or media project. We can develop your concepts and designs. Fabricate your prototype or final product and digitally integrate it into your production. Our creative team has worked on Motion Pictures, Television, Themed Attractions, Theatre, Displays, Tradeshows, Toy Product Designs, and more.


Stefan Price - Creative Director/Art Director/Special Effects Coordinator Stefan is the Co-founder and President of Roundtable. Stefan has been working in the film and entertainment industry building props and effects for over two decades filling nearly every position in the Art and Effects Department throughout his career. Stefan's background is rooted heavily in fabrication and project management. He has extensive experience working on Themed Attractions, Films, Commercials, Music Videos, Theatre productions, Concerts, Tradeshows, and more. He has built permanent displays and fx equipment for Theme Parks, Theaters, Retail Stores, Night Clubs, and Museums. He has earned degrees in both Mechanical Engineering and Theater from the University of Central Florida. After college he proudly served his country in the FL Army National where he served primarily as a Machinist. His skills range from project management, mold making, carpentry, sculpting, painting, and metal fabrication to computer design and modeling, as well as being an experienced pyrotechnician. To contact Stefan directly you can email him at: Or call his phone:>


The rest of Roundtable's talented and creative crew is made up of a motley band of individuals that also are possessed of varied skills that makes them invaluable as team members and able to see the whole picture of every stage of the project instead of the limited viewpoint of a narrow skill set.  This has been one of the strengths of our company.  Working to cultivate an atmosphere that celebrates our mutual love of making.