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The Necronomicon 2007

Yes, it was another successful event. For the fourth year running Roundtable has provided quality miniature terrain for the gaming tournament held annually in Orlando, FL called the Necronomicon or just Necro for short. This year we provided miniatures for 41 out of the 60 tables of fantasy landscapes. With past years included we have built miniature terrain for 58 of the 60 tables and there are plans to add 8 more with higher detail. All of the 120 participants in the tournament expressed there appreciation for the quality gaming experience provided by the two main organizers, Jason and Janer.



Today, Roundtable was on hand to help cover an event for a new website called It was the first in a 12 city promotional campaign to anounce the new site by hosting stunts in each city. They started right here in Orlando by having a Bondesque looking stunt man do a repel slide off of City Hall to a waiting crowd of people where he handed out over $1,000 cash money. We helped film the stunt with our Sony HD camera and wide angle lens from the top of a hotel across the street. Providing a birds eye view for the producers while only risking the life of yours truely.

A spectator's video of the stunt is already posted on their site and can be viewed here.


Update for 7/5/07

Well, Having not posted an update for some time has left me with a lot of new and exciting stuff to tell. The indie film "The Karaoke King" that we worked on last year is groing ever nearer to a distrabution deal and is ramping up to a big promotion campain. Check out their site: or We have aided several of our fellow Floridian filmmakers in their cinematic endevors and even made a fan film of our own in the process (see BSG Videomaker Blog). We are gearing up to a short mob film in the next month or so, as well as several other productions. Also, we are finishing up the final small details on the hundred or so miniature terrain pieces for the gamming tournament "The Necro", hosting its annual event this month. Pictures of these will be posted on the site soon or you can check out their website: or We have an incredibly cool looking toy series that will hit the market this fall produced entirely in house featuring an assortment of fantasy characters availible as model kits and fully painted collectible statues. Watch for exclusive previews to pop up on the site soon.


Battlestar Galactica Videomaker Contest

Just back at the end of May Roundtable quickly produced a four minute fan film for one of our favoite shows, Battlestar Galactica. The film was submited to the Sci Fi Channel's Videomaker Contest. We had a couple of really talented actors join our crew to make this film and we greatly thank them for there skill and proffesionalism: David, Jenny and our man Yarra. This production was written and edited by our own Dustin Guest. With Stefan Price filling the roles of both Producer and Art Director (not to mention camera, sound, and even a small fantastic cameo role).


Commercial for InterAmerica Stage

This week we filmed some segments for an industrial commercial for InterAmerica Stage. They are a theatrical staging and entertainment engineering company based in Sanford, FL. The purpose of the commercial is to promote their patented Sky Net tension wire grid system for theaters, soundstages, auditoriums and other entertainment and industrial venues. The commercial will be posted on their web site and used for their tradeshow display. It will also be loaded onto a flash drive to hand out as swag (pretty nice!) at tradeshows.


Short film 'Mood'

Last weekend Roundtable provided FX help to an emerging film maker working on a short film for the ON THE LOT reality show airing this season on FOX. Eddie Mitchell, the director, called us to ask if we could provide any technical assistance for his first cinematic endeavor and we were all too glad to lend a hand. He needed a scene where his main character gets shot during a press conference. We also were on hand that day to film the scene with our High Def camera to give the director extra coverage of the effect. The shot went great and the film is in post now and should be posted soon. Check out the pics of Stefan and Keiko with the director and main character Eddie and the actor who shoots him.

Mood-06Mood-06 Hosted on Zooomr

Motion Capture Camera Crane - 1/14/07

This past week Roundtable Productions and the University of Central Florida College of Engineering and Computer Science have teamed up to develope a Motion Capture Camera. This new camera crane will allow film and media productions of any size budget to integrate computer graphics without busting the bank. It will also be revolutionary because it will free up the director to be more dynamic with their shots and free them from the restrictions of a bulky, robotic Motion Control camera. The team of engineering students will colaborate with our crew to create the design and build the first prototype by November of this year.


Update for 1/11/07

Director/Actor/Writer Hank Stone is making a documentary about a compelling story of a regular Joe who is being squashed by the legal hand of a large organization. This week we filmed several reenactment scenes and started the arduous task of organizing the four plus hours of footage previously filmed to begin shaping a captivating film.

In addition to several mainstream film festivals, we plan on developing an abbreviated cut for distribution on the internet and other new media venues like Current TV, Google, YouTube, etc. Look for updates here on the blog.



Dustin and Patty made a video recently about a rampaging Lavanado and how to avoid being burned. Check it out on YouTube:

The Lavanado also has its own MySpace page.

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