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Roundtable's 3D Printed Dice Featured on BoingBoing

A few years ago, we greatly increased our production capabilities by purchasing a 3D Printer. This month we began experimenting with consumer-oriented products that would showcase the capabilities of our designers and the 3D Printer. As an experiment, we posted some specially designed dice, like those used to play board games, on the craft marketplace Etsy.

Here is an example of the Steampunk Six-sided Dice:

What is 3D Printing and Rapid prototyping?

Three dimensional (3D) printing has revolutionized our ability to realize designs, concepts, and ideas in a way previously only available in science fiction.  We may still be a far way from walking up and requesting, "Earl gray, hot." and watching cup and saucer materialize with a delicious brewed tea in it, but we can now bring ideas from our minds into the physical world faster, easier, and cheaper than ever before.  Unlike CNC machines which are subtractive in nature, removing material until the desired shape is reached.


Forensic Files "All That Glitters"

Roundtable recently provided some "high caliber" effects for the TV show Forensic Files. In an episode entitled "All That Glitters", a man chases down a young girl in a high speed car chase that ends when he fires several rounds into her car with and AK-47 assault rifle. We provided both blank fire and non-firing AK-47's for the actor and stunt driver to use. As well as, spark hits and glass breaking shots to simulate real gunfire. Throw in a little blood and all in all it was quite a fun shoot. You can watch the episode and others we've provided effects for on TrueTv.


The Necronomicon 2009

Another successful year of The Necro has come and gone. Once again all of the terrain models we've built were laid out, played on, and devastated by total warfare for three days. Everyone attending the event had a blast, even those that were on the wrong end of the dice rolls and saw the wrong end of the devastation. This year a new event was added, The Lord of the Rings Miniature Game, which gave us an opportunity to create a fourth new and unique Necro trophy.


Update for 12/1/08

The look of Roundtable's website will be changing! To get a fresh new look for the new year we are having the whole site redesigned. I know its a long time coming. But, we will now have many more pictures and much more video content to show you what we've been up to. So look forward to a world of new things to see and explore.


Update for 3/3/08

You may have noticed that we are at a new domain name (of course, otherwise you wouldn't be reading this). Do to a little slip up we have temporarily lost our original site name,, and will be using the new for the time being. Other than that its business as usual. So much else has been happening that I just don't have the time to talk about it now. But, soon....


Update for 1/31/08

I know it has been a while since I last updated my blog page but, it has been due to the tremendously busy schedule I've had due to all the work we've been doing. Several jobs for Disney's Animal Kingdom, EPCOT, and various other venues on Disney property.

Roundtable provided Production Design, Art Direction, Props, Set Dressing and even provided a live animal for a Civil War era film directed by JJ Ruscella entitled "Julianne" in December.

We have begun work on this year's new batch of gaming terrain for our friends at the Necro. Check out their plans for 2008 at and see what's in store for the terrain right here as we post updates, photos, and video.


Shape Your World: Terrain Contest

Terrain Contest

- Do you envisioning worlds with character and detail for your games?
- Are you tired of being limited by what miniature terrain and scenery is out there?

Now is your chance to influence the worlds you play in. Tell us your idea for the type of terrain you would like to see on your gamming table. Whether it be fantasy, sci-fi, or some other genera...we want to turn your dream world into physical models.



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