Roundtable Productions provides entertainment solutions for your film, television, or media project. We can develop your concepts and designs. Fabricate your prototype or final product and digitally integrate it into your production. Our creative team has worked on Motion Pictures, Television, Themed Attractions, Theatre, Displays, Tradeshows, Toy Product Designs, and more.

What is 3D Printing and Rapid prototyping?

Three dimensional (3D) printing has revolutionized our ability to realize designs, concepts, and ideas in a way previously only available in science fiction.  We may still be a far way from walking up and requesting, "Earl gray, hot." and watching cup and saucer materialize with a delicious brewed tea in it, but we can now bring ideas from our minds into the physical world faster, easier, and cheaper than ever before.  Unlike CNC machines which are subtractive in nature, removing material until the desired shape is reached.  Three dimensional printers build, quit literally, from the ground up.  Because the model is created one layer at a time, complex geometries and intricate details are possible that could not be achieved in a single machining process before.  Even separate and moving parts are possible with 3D printing.  Any 3D model created in the computer, whether architecture, mechanical, organic, landscape, etc, can be created.  Creation times are no longer dictated by complexity but merely by size and volume.  Complex shapes can be fabricated in minutes to hours, rather than days and weeks.  When you compare the apparent expense of a printed object to the cost of the work hours involved in traditional fabrication methods the difference is usually significant.  Factor in the accelerated delivery time, getting you to your final goal faster, and the value increases as well.  Three dimensional printing is not the end of traditional fabrication, it is rarely the end point of the fabrication process, and it is not a magic wand or a sci-fi replicator that is capable of creating anything.  Yet, 3D printing is a valuable tool that has streamlined the process from conceptual idea to physical reality in a way that was previously only possible in the fictional future.

This is why in 2009, Roundtable Productions added this capability to our list of services.  By possessing this equipment in house, rather than contracting it out, we are able to not only offer the most economical pricing on 3D Printing, but we can seamlessly integrate it into the creation process.  We have also partnered with small independent tradesmen that possess different types of printers and CNC equipment to operate as a collective source for various types of rapid prototyping and fabrication and offer the best solution to complete any project.  Because of the extensive hands on experience with this process we've gained insight into the best applications and new uses for this technology.  We never stop exploring and learning as we strive to hone our craft and provide the best products and services to our clients.

Pictured here you can see our Zcorp 310 Three Dimensional printer.  Be sure to check out the pictures of some of the projects we've used this state-of-the-art technology to complete better, faster, and more economically than ever before.