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Shape Your World: Terrain Contest

Terrain Contest

- Do you envisioning worlds with character and detail for your games?
- Are you tired of being limited by what miniature terrain and scenery is out there?

Now is your chance to influence the worlds you play in. Tell us your idea for the type of terrain you would like to see on your gamming table. Whether it be fantasy, sci-fi, or some other genera...we want to turn your dream world into physical models.

Go to and email us your suggestions for our next product line of miniature scenery. All submissions will then be voted on later this year.

If your idea gets the most votes, WE'LL MAKE IT! And what's'll get the first set FREE!

So dream up your best ideas and write them down. Or even better, include a sketch. And send them to us. Submission deadline is July 30th. Voting ends October 31st.

Shape your world and have it handed to you with Roundtable Productions.



You can post your suggestions here by adding a new comment so that everyone can see the ideas being submitted. Be sure to email them to us as well, with your name and contact info so we can let you know if you've won. Good luck to everyone!