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Hulk Keg costume prop

At Dragon*Con 2009 we (Stefan Price, owner and assistant Erin Kelly) met an individual in the hall while waiting for the elevator.  He was painted green and carrying a large battered prop.  When he told us that he was the Incredible Hulk and that he was wielding a scaled Abrams tank it all made sense.  In that Dragon*Con is one of the largest Sci Fi and Fantasy conventions in the nation and people in unusual costumes are the norm.  We informed him that should he want a new prop that looked better and could withstand the constant battery being handled roughly at conventions that he should contact Roundtable.  Shortly before we started thinking about Dragon*Con 2010 we received just such a phone call.  The client wanted a new prop designed, since he had used the tank for several years, and in addition to greater detail and durability, he needed to keep the budget under a specific cost.  He was looking to get a prop keg built that would look realistic, but would have a custom designed logo and be light enough not to tire out his arm over the days of carrying it around a typical convention.  The Roundtable team created a lightweight prop with a themed logo and weathered detail that would fit in the story of the clients character.  We sculpted it out of foam and coated it with a urethane hard coat for ultimate durability and economy.  The paint finish was a metallic silver and sealed in a satin finish with a high quality automotive grade clear coat.  The graphics on the prop were designed in house and created in vinyl decals with one of our partners.  As an added surprise, we came up with the idea of a warning label that helped explain why the clients consumption of the kegs contents caused his vertigral hue and short temper (see the picture).  The client was please and caught extra attention from the paparazzi like attendants of the convention.  The prop should last the client for years to come and provide him with an iconic item to match his iconic character.