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Romulan prosthetic make-up and props

Roundtable helped out a friend with a personal project and and needed to deliver a quality costume with props in a short time frame.  The client wanted to create a screen quality costume of a character from one of his favorite TV shows to go to MegaCon (Sci Fi convention), complete with wardrobe, badges and emblems, a prosthetic forehead and ears, and even a prop replica weapon of a Romulan disruptor pistol.  We began by doing research into what the original costumes and props looked like on Star Trek: The Next Generation.  The time frame to completion was only a few days and the budget was tight so the client collaborated heavily and with the aide of our research and know how was involved heavily in the fabrication of every item.  This also made the costume more meaningful and provided an enjoyable learning experience for the client and a chance for Roundtable's crew to share their knowledge.  All in the spirit of teaching a man to fish, rather than just feeding him.

From the designs we developed, based on the original costume, we made a life cast of the clients face and forehead.  A plaster cast was taken from this to create a custom fit prosthetic that would be comfortable and seamless with the clients face.  We taught the client how to apply the clay and sculpt the shapes and detail in the clay to match the original prosthetic.  Together, we created a second mold of the sculpt that fit with the face cast.  We use flesh tone pigments to color the silicone we cast into this mold that would have the detail and shape of the clients face on the backside (inside) of the prosthetic forehead and the detail of the alien forehead on the front (outside).  Skin safe silicone adhesive was used to adhere the prosthetic appliance and was further blended with makeup and a wig.  Pointy ears were also applied, but due to the abundant availability of commercially purchasable ear appliances, we recommended buying them, rather than going through the time and expense of making them.  For the costume items we helped the client analyse the component parts and source them, again to save time and money.  Roundtable aided in assembling, modifying, and painting them.  A replica weapon of the Romulan Disruptor pistol was created by 3D modeling and 3D printing one.  Prop weapon was sanded and painted to match the show as well.

The complete ensemble was very similar to those used in the television show and was recognized by the convention patrons.  This provided a fun, first-time experience for our client and friend that he won't soon forget.  The costume was a success and the replica weapon provided the additional accent that completed the look.  The client's needs were met and Roundtable proved again that through the combination of creative thinking, technology, skill, anything can be accomplished.

Nathan Weatherford