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Orlando 24 Hr Film Festival

Some close friends of Roundtable invited us to join them in competing in the 2011 Orlando 24 Hr Film Festival because they needed some professional grade special effects.  The film had to be shot and finished in 24 hours and could be no longer than 5 minutes.  Which meant that it was short notice to prepare and arrive on set and we had to deal with some difficult weather conditions (torrential rain storm).  The story the director came up with to fit into the parameters was a Vietnam era war film that would involve period costumes and weapons, as well as, needing gunfire, bullet hits, smoke, and explosions.  In all, it was a very ambitious undertaking to attempt such a complex series of shots for such a frantic pace and limited funds.

Roundtable came to the rescue.  Our Special Effects Coordinator, Stefan Price, oversaw the execution of the effects while working with the fellow volunteers, most of whom are industry professionals themselves.  We came out with smoke machines, air cannons, replica weapons, blank ammunition, blood, and various effects paraphernalia.  We helped coordinate the weapons fire with fellow props master Joe Stone.  Much of the blood work was handled or overseen by Stefan.  We created several explosions with large and small air cannons.  Even our own workshop was turned into a set for the apartment scenes, with props and set dressing provided by Roundtable.

Excitingly our team, 7th Art Force, won first place in the competition taking to top prize and honors.  The final title of the film was "A Picture to Die For" and you should be able to watch our film on the Izon Orlando website or on YouTube.

7th Art Force